Individual Member Types
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Definitions of NCCI Member "Individual Types"  - these describe the relationship between the individual and the member institution or organization.

Administrative/Billing Liaison - this individual's name and email address is included in the Member Profile (record), and is responsible for all billing related to NCCI membership; s/he will receive dues renewal invoices/receipts, and reminders regarding outstanding dues/balances only. S/he will not receive other NCCI membership communications (unless a request is made to be included), ie: electronic enewsletters, communications regarding events, programs, and other related membership activities. This is the individual whose first name, last name, and email address is listed in the organization's member profile. This individual has an INDIVIDUAL PROFILE where s/he will register for all events. 

Primary Liaison - this individual can also be the Administrative/Billing Liaison. S/he would receive, read, review all NCCI Membership electronic communications in a prompt/timely fashion to be versed in NCCI activities; would provide outreach to individuals in office/dept regarding membership activities and networking opportunities within NCCI membership and direct colleagues who would be eligible, to join this membership online. The membership liaison shares with colleagues benefits and advantages of membership - is NCCI Ambassador while attending conferences and meetings outside of NCCI sponsored programs. If just two individuals are members of this organization, then both will act as liaisons.

Secondary/Alternate Liaison - this individual will receive all NCCI electronic communications that the Primary Liaison receives when the Primary Liaison is not available to read, review, respond in a prompt/timely fashion.  At certain times of the academic year, an individual may not be available to respond to important membership communications. If there are least two people in an office then there should be at least two contacts listed. Should this individual want all communications sent even when Primary Liaison is available, a request can be made of the NCCI administrator and this will be accommodated.

Individual - this individual is related to the Member institution or organization with paid membership, is included in the "roster" within the member profile, receives all member benefits but is not a primary contact; s/he receives all electronic communications but has no responsibility for dues payments. 

Non Member Individual - this individual is related to an institution or organization who is included in our distribution list, but does not have a paid NCCI Membership. 

Retired - this is an individual who has notified NCCI that s/he has retired; this individual can request to stay on the NCCI distribution list.

All of the individual types above will register for events in her/his individual profile. 


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