Frequently Asked Questions
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NCCI is very excited about the new, interactive, and state-of-the-art website. If we haven't answered your question, please don’t hesitate to email us: -- we will be happy to help!

Logging In and Profile Maintenance

Q: How do I login to access myNCCI profile?

A. All individuals have been set up with a username and password. Default username = email address; default password = NCCI2017; both of these can be changed by the user at any time.

Q: What if I forget my user name and/or password?

A: Select the Login Page for links to Reset Your Password. An email will be sent to you with reset your password.

Click on the "Forgot Your Password" link beneath the sign-in box. This will automatically generate and send an email to the address listed within your profile, containing directions on how to reset your password.

NOTE: If you haven't forgotten your password but just want to simply change  log in to your profile and select the "Edit Bio" area to change password or any other profile fields.

Q. How do I Change my password?

Login, go to Manage Profile page, then choose Edit Bio; under Account Information tab you will see Password (change); click that and submit new password. View Instructions.

Q: What is an "individual type" and how do I know mine?

A: Definitions of each "individual type" can be viewed here.

Q: How can I update my contact information, or any other information in my profile?

A: Login to your profile through myNCCI and go to Manage Profile link on right, then at top of page, under Information and Settings, choose edit bio.

Q. I have left the member institution through which I received NCCI member benefits. I now work at a different university that is not an NCCI member. What happens to my profile and my standing with NCCI?

A. Contact both the Primary Liaison and NCCI with this information. The Primary Liaison will need to "detach" you from that member roster; if you have a new email address, that should be updated in your Individual Profile. You can also contact for assistance.

NCCI Event Registration

Q: How do I register for a Webinar or the Annual Conference?

A: Online registration will be available in myNCCI. Find the link: Upcoming Events. Or, go to the Events Calendar, find the event you'd like to attend and click on it. Information and registration information will be there.

Q: Will online registration provide me with the option to choose the appropriate registration fee; i.e. member or non member?

A: Yes, myNCCI will recognize your member type and provide the appropriate member rates.

Q: I have a colleague who wants to attend an NCCI event, but isn't finding her profile in myNCCI. How does she register as a member?

A. The Administrative or Primary Liaison for your member organization/institution should add this individual to the roster in the institutional member profile, or contact for assistance.

Q. Several of us are attending the Annual Conference. Can we register as a group?

A: If you are registering three or more people from your member organization, use the Group Registration option. Add individuals who are not already in the system.  (See Group registration instructions for details).

Q: I can't remember if I registered for an event. How do I find out if am registered or need to register?

A: Login to your profile; the registration(s) will be listed on your "wall," as long as you've paid and completed the registration process your registration(s) will be listed there. You will always receive an electronic confirmation and receipt when you complete and submit your registration.

Q. What is your cancellation policy for the Annual Conference?

A. Cancellation Policy: All cancellations emailed or postmarked prior to Thursday, July 5, 2017 will be subject to a $75 cancellation fee. Cancellations emailed or postmarked after July 6, 2017 will forfeit all registration fees. Forfeited fees cannot be applied to future meetings. Substitutions from within the same institution are permitted at no additional cost. All substitutions must be made in writing and accompanied by a completed NCCI Conference Registration Form.

Q. I need a receipt to submit for reimbursement. Where do I find this?

A. In Manage Profile, under Invoices. See How To.

NCCI Primary Contacts: Login, Maintenance, and Other Details

Q. How do I add my colleague to our Institution's Member Profile?
The Primary Contact will login to the Institutional Member Profile and go to Manage Profile. Click on Member Roster, provide email address of the colleague to be added. That individual will receive an email with a link to this profile. By clicking on the link and creating a profile, the colleague will automatically be added to the Member Roster. See How To.

Q. I am the Primary Contact for my NCCI Member Institution/Organization. I need to remove some individuals from the Member Roster who are no longer employed at my institution, and add new colleagues so they receive member benefits. How do I do that?

A. Login to your Member Profile (i.e. Institution/Organization profile. not your individual profile). Go to Manage Profile, Click on the Member Roster.Scroll down list and find each person to remove or Detach. There are 5 icons to the left of each name. When you hover over each one, it will tell you what it is for. Find the icon that says "Detach" and click on it to remove that individual from your roster.


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